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Turn “No” Into “New Home”

Stop losing deals over credit. IDIQ helps your clients build strong credit profiles and secure favorable rates, making their dream home a reality. Our pre- and post-purchase solutions keep you at the forefront of their journey, fostering loyalty and referrals. Join the more than 4 million-strong IDIQ network of satisfied clients and watch your business thrive.


Convert Interest Into Action

Targeted Lead Engagement

Provide valuable credit education resources through IDIQ, fostering trust and keeping your leads engaged throughout the buying journey.

Turn Leads Into Listings

IDIQ empowers you to educate potential buyers about credit health and pre-approval, building trust and increasing conversion rates.

Close More Deals

Differentiate yourself by offering the IDIQ pre-approval advantage. Confident clients with strong credit lead to smoother transactions and faster closings.

Build Lasting Relationships

Become a trusted advisor by providing valuable resources beyond the sale. IDIQ helps your clients achieve financial well-being, fostering long-term loyalty.

Stay Informed, Stay Connected

Qualify high-potential buyers instantly while nurturing others with IDIQ pre-purchase assessment tools and tailored financial resources. Stay informed with real-time credit alerts and secure shared access to credit reports, allowing you to proactively manage the buying process and secure the best rates.

Don’t Just Sell Homes, Empower Homeownership

Equip aspiring homeowners to build credit, secure better rates, and achieve their goals – whether they’re pre-qualified or working towards it. We seamlessly transition into post-purchase support, fostering client retention with valuable services and keeping you top of mind for referrals. IDIQ co-branded marketing and lead management tools further differentiate you, boosting your business growth and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire home buying journey.

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