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Where Data Meets Humanity

Our trusted brands, fueled by AI, ignite financial clarity for the next generation. We fuse data-driven insights with human expertise, empowering the transformation of complex financial information into actionable power.

Identity Theft Protection

Our flagship brand delivers an expert suite of financial and identity protection features, including 24/7 credit and data monitoring with real-time alerts for possible suspicious activity and significant credit score changes.

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FICO® & Industry Scores, Business Credit & More

Get access to FICO® Scores, including industry-specific scores, so your clients are ready for that next big purchase along with credit monitoring and protection. You also can establish and monitor your business credit profile.


Credit Coaching & Debt Relief

Find real money solutions and effective debt relief strategies with our credit and debt education-based membership platform. Sync accounts, talk to a financial coach, and utilize Money Sensei® AI technology for personalized budgeting tips to reach financial goals.

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Dispute Credit Report Inaccuracies

Consumers can build their credit with our data-driven platform that gives them the tools to easily search and dispute inaccuracies on their credit report and more as part of their journey to achieve their credit goals.


Credit Building Tools

Reach credit goals with the most comprehensive credit-building tools available. Our smart software brings personalized tools to consumers’ fingertips, so they can get the credit scores they deserve.


CRM Business-in-a-Box

This all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) tool has everything you need to power your business. This easy-to-use platform consolidates costs and effort by allowing you to connect client reports with a single click, automate daily tasks, track client progress, and more. The best part – it’s free to IDIQ partners!*

*Free to financial coaches with at least five clients with an active IDIQ brand membership.


The IDIQ Ecosystem

Craft custom solutions using our financial ecosystem to empower your business needs and drive your clients to financial success.

Identity Theft Protection

Safeguard your personal information with advanced monitoring and AI-powered alerts in over 35 categories.

Financial Wellness

Sync your accounts, talk to a qualified financial
coach, explore debt relief strategies, and more!

Utility Reporting

Report your utility payments to credit bureaus to build credit history.

VPN & Anti-Virus

Encrypt your connection and safeguard your devices with our powerful VPN & anti-virus products.

Credit Scores & Credit Monitoring

Real-time credit score alerts grant you control and insight into your financial future.

Business Credit

Consumer Credit

Rental Reporting

Report up to 24 months of on-time rental payments directly to the bureaus.

Legal Services

Navigate everyday legal challenges – from consultations to will preparation – for a fixed, affordable cost.

Data Breach Protection

Minimize damage and streamline recovery with rapid notification, expert guidance, and comprehensive support.

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Employee Benefits
Multi-Family Housing
Legal Services
Financial Services
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Decades of Broker Expertise. Benefits Revolutionized.

For decades, IDIQ has empowered brokers like you to deliver exceptional employee benefit packages. Our customizable suite goes beyond the ordinary, offering a comprehensive solution with industry-leading features such as financial wellness, identity protection, and pre-paid legal services. Streamline administration, reduce costs, and elevate your value proposition

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Retain Residents and Boost Your NOI With IDIQ.

Stop the revolving door of residents and unlock new revenue streams. Attract and keep quality residents with resident-loved perks such as rental payment reporting, identity protection, and financial wellness programs. IDIQ minimizes your turnover costs while maximizing resident satisfaction and loyalty, leading to a healthier bottom line.

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Grow Your Practice Faster with IDIQ.

In today's crowded legal landscape, IDIQ empowers firms to attract high-value clients and accelerate growth. Reach ideal clients through targeted lead generation and receive access to clients in need of a variety of services across the country. Partner with IDIQ and unlock the full potential of your legal practice.