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The Ultimate Employee Benefit Package

Seamlessly craft your clients’ benefit portfolios using our customizable suite of benefits. From empowering financial wellness to providing top-tier identity theft protection, we’ve got you covered — all conveniently in one platform.

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Smart Benefits for a Thriving Workforce

Financial Wellness

Equip employees with personalized budget plans, AI credit actions, and expert debt coaching. Tackle debt head-on with solutions that empower them to achieve financial security.

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Identity Protection
Real-time fraud alerts, family coverage, restoration support, and up to $1M in insurance* ensure your employees’ peace of mind. Plus, device security and VPNs minimize distractions and stress.

Pre-Paid Legal Services

Provide access to essential legal resources like living and simple wills and DIY legal documents. As a bonus, offer discounted consultations, ensuring peace of mind for even the toughest situations.

Easy to Utilize

Effortless Benefits Administration

 No Minimum Participation

We work with companies of any size, with no minimum participation requirements.

No Waiting Period

Gain quick access to our services with no waiting periods, deductibles, or copays.

We Accept EDI Files

Streamline your employee benefits enrollment and administration process.

Reduce Workload

Free up valuable HR resources with our user-friendly administration tools.

Craft your competitive edge with our customizable benefits packages today.


Continuous Value, Effortless Partnership

A+ BBB Rating

Our rating reflects our commitment to ethical business practices and client satisfaction. This translates to peace of mind for you and your clients, allowing you to focus on building successful partnerships.

Customizable Solutions

Tailor packages to each client’s specific needs. Mix and match financial wellness, legal protection, and ID theft services to create the perfect fit and become a hero to your clients.

Comprehensive Coverage
Our approach ensures your clients offer employee benefits that address every aspect of well-being. This allows you to present a single, powerful solution that sets you apart and keeps clients raving.
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