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Supercharge your business with the IDIQ financial intelligence suite. Strengthen your portfolio, unlock revenue streams, and boost customer loyalty – all through one powerful partnership.

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Diverse Needs With A Unified Approach. Discover Your Solution.

Employee Benefits

As a broker or HR professional, we empower you and your employees with a robust employee benefits package that enhances financial security and overall well-being. Offering highly-desired benefits helps boost engagement, retention, and ultimately drive greater satisfaction and business success.

Multi-Family Housing

Transform your property’s offerings with IDIQ integrated solutions, helping minimize turnover costs and increase revenue. Attract dependable residents who pay rent on time, renew leases, and maintain homes, while generating new income streams through our hassle-free, resident-appealing solutions.

Legal Services

Grow your practice with pre-qualified leads and join our established network of more than 4 million members. Solidify your position as a trusted legal resource for clients seeking legal help across specialties.

Financial Services

Maximize your recurring revenue and client retention through our diverse suite of services featuring identity theft protection, credit reports, financial tools, and legal coverage to become the ultimate destination for financial wellness. Empower your clients, increase their loyalty, and take your business to the next level!

Credit Education

Easy access to 3-bureau reports and self-service resources to improve their credit profiles.

Business Lending

Prepare clients for major purchases with FICO® Score monitoring throughout their financial journey.

Embed valuable add-on solutions like financial wellness tools and protection plans.

Financial Institutions

Integrate financial wellness tools directly into your existing offerings to increase retention.
Real Estate
Help prospective homeowners qualify for their dream homes and stay connected post-purchase.
Secure better rates and increase your cilent’s purchasing power.

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