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A man with short hair, light facial hair, and wearing a gray suit jacket over a blue and white checked shirt is looking directly into the camera. The background is blurred and appears to be indoors with a grayish tone. The image is enclosed in a circular frame.

Scott Hermann


A smiling man with short, dark hair and wearing a white shirt under a black zip-up jacket. He is seated in front of a wooden wall.

Bryan Sullivan

A bald man with a light beard and mustache is wearing a white collared shirt and standing against a blurred green outdoor background, smiling at the camera.

Damian Bushnell

Chief of Staff
A man with short brown hair, a beard, and a mustache is smiling at the camera. He is wearing a light blue dress shirt and is posed against a wooden background. The image is circular in shape.

Mike Scheumack

A woman with long blonde hair is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black sleeveless top and is posing against a dark background.

Beth Cheeseman

A man with short gray hair and a gray beard, wearing a black blazer over a light gray shirt, poses in front of a wooden background. He has a slight smile and is looking directly at the camera.

Patrick Glennon

A middle-aged man with short dark hair and a friendly smile is wearing a blue blazer and a black shirt. He is standing in front of a wooden plank background. The image is circularly cropped.

Jeff Mandel

President of Monetization
A man with short hair and a beard is smiling. He is wearing a black shirt. The background is a wooden plank wall. The image is circular in shape.

Rick Eggleton

Senior VP
A woman with straight brown hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a sleeveless black top and a necklace with a pendant. The background features wooden planks.

Nikki Boehle

Senior VP
A person with short black hair wearing a white button-down shirt, smiling at the camera. The background features wooden panels.

Surya Pochareddy

Executive VP

“We founded IDIQ because we believe everyone deserves the tools and knowledge to achieve financial wellness. IDIQ isn't just a company, it's a movement empowering people to take control of their financial future.”

Scott Hermann


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IDIQ leadership team members, recognized for their financial expertise and innovative approach, are frequently featured as subject matter experts in top media outlets, sharing insights and shaping the future of financial intelligence.


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IDIQ isn't just another company - it's a mission to empower financial well-being. We offer a dynamic, purpose-driven environment where you can unleash your talent and help millions achieve financial freedom.
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