Financial Wellness

The Path to Financial Freedom

Financial Wellness

Knowledge Is Power, But Action Is Key

Financial wellness goes beyond just knowing your numbers – it’s about having the tools and confidence to take control. We provide clear insights into your financial health, but more importantly we equip you with actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Our Brands That Offer Financial Wellness

IdentityIQ, Credit & Debt
Stop The Financial Stress Epidemic

Financial stress is growing rapidly. IDIQ bridges the gap for both your existing clients struggling financially and those who want to be proactive but feel overwhelmed by the complex financial landscape. We offer a unified solution, empowering them to take control of their financial health and achieve their goals.

Sync Your Finances and Gain Control
Simply sync your accounts for a personalized dashboard. Our AI then analyzes your data, providing instant cash flow optimization and a custom debt payoff plan with access to live expert debt coaches. We leverage budgeting tools, spending insights and educational resources to teach your members financial literacy. Empower your clients or your employees to make smart financial decisions.
Investing in financial wellness empowers financial confidence.


Your All-in-One Financial Hub

Live Debt Coaching

Give your clients access to personalized debt coaching from our network of experienced professionals. We partner with nonprofits to offer nationally qualified coaches.

AI Budget Insights

Your clients can take the DIY out of their budgeting and power their finances with AI-powered actions they can take for personalized budgeting tips to help pay off debts faster.

Personalized Offers

IDIQ personalizes your clients’ experience, delivering offers that actually matter to them. Save time and money by seeing deals tailored to their needs and goals.

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