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Strong business credit is the key to unlocking funding, building trust, and achieving growth. IDIQ simplifies the process with comprehensive monitoring and reporting.

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Navigating Business Credit

Business credit isn’t just an extension of personal credit. While both gauge creditworthiness, business scores range from 0-100, and unlike personal scores, anyone can access them. Maintaining accurate business credit reports is crucial – inaccuracies can lead to missed funding opportunities. Partner with IDIQ to navigate the complexities of business credit and empower your clients for success.

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The IDIQ business credit suite empowers you to become a trusted financial advisor. Our comprehensive bundle provides easy access to Experian® credit reports and scores, even for new businesses. Real-time monitoring with fraud alerts and dark web scans helps keep your clients protected. But IDIQ goes beyond basic reports. We equip you with actionable insights and education, empowering your clients to build strong business credit, unlock funding opportunities, and fuel growth.

Partner with IDIQ and unlock the full potential of business credit for your clients!


Build. Protect. Grow: Unlock Credit Potential

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Business Bundle

Establish creditworthiness by providing access to credit reports and scores from Experian®. Build credit, monitor reports, and fight fraud – all in one place.

Empower cilents with insights and educational resources on how to effectively build strong business credit. This knowledge is crucial for unlocking funding opportunities and driving growth.
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Fraud Remediation

Help safeguard your clients’ financial well-being. We include support for identifying and resolving possible fraudulent activity related to their business credit or identity information.

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