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At IDIQ, we welcome new ideas and are committed to growing our employees’ careers while providing rewarding and successful experiences. Plus, you’ll be working for one of the fastest-growing leaders in the fintech industry and experts in identity theft protection and credit monitoring.




You’ll Love Working Here

We believe in making our work environment less stressful and more relaxing for our employees. Employees can visit our state-of-the-art gym, sit in our luxury massage chairs, or play classic arcade games in our break room.


What Our Employees Are Saying

“We have great culture that allows you to be yourself and evolve and grow with the company.”

shelby | Sales

“The culture, the product, and the people I work with everyday is something I look forward to.”

Chris | Call Center

It feels really rewarding to work for a company that wants to help protect and build people's financial security.”

Tyler | Marketing


The IDIQ Brands

Our team members work together to protect our customers’ personal information and alert them for possible suspicious activity while helping set them up for financial success.

Identity Theft Protection

Our flagship brand delivers an expert suite of financial and identity protection features, including 24/7 credit and data monitoring with real-time alerts for possible suspicious activity and significant credit score changes.

IdentityIQ on phone

FICO® & Industry Scores, Business Credit & More

Get access to FICO® Scores, including industry-specific scores, so your clients are ready for that next big purchase along with credit monitoring and protection. You also can establish and monitor your business credit profile.


Credit Coaching & Debt Relief

Find real money solutions and effective debt relief strategies with our credit and debt education-based membership platform. Sync accounts, talk to a financial coach, and utilize Money Sensei® AI technology for personalized budgeting tips to reach financial goals.

A smartphone screen displays a financial management app with notifications about a payment due to Wells Fargo and an Amazon Prime subscription detected. A chart at the bottom left shows income and expense data. The background blends into a gradient of orange and purple hues.

Dispute Credit Report Inaccuracies

Consumers can build their credit with our data-driven platform that gives them the tools to easily search and dispute inaccuracies on their credit report and more as part of their journey to achieve their credit goals.


Credit Building Tools

Reach credit goals with the most comprehensive credit-building tools available. Our smart software brings personalized tools to consumers’ fingertips, so they can get the credit scores they deserve.


CRM Business-in-a-Box

This all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) tool has everything you need to power your business. This easy-to-use platform consolidates costs and effort by allowing you to connect client reports with a single click, automate daily tasks, track client progress, and more. The best part – it’s free to IDIQ partners!*

*Free to financial coaches with at least five clients with an active IDIQ brand membership.

Shape the Future of Finance

More than just a job, it’s a purpose. Develop innovative tools that unlock financial potential, in a exciting and collaborative environment. Explore exciting opportunities at IDIQ and be part of the financial revolution!

Employee Opportunities

Choose What Career Fits You

Build financial intelligence and success. Apply your skills to the perfect IDIQ team. Thrive, learn, and make a real difference.


This team is the backbone and lifeblood of our company and responsible for building meaningful relationships with current and future partners. They are experts at promoting our products and services.


This team turns ideas into reality with their innovation to constantly improve our products and services. They use cutting-edge principles and automation while working with our development and engineering department on all strategies related to our products.


Our team features rockstars who are experts at branding, social media, SEO, and content creation along with website and graphic design. This department brings energy, fun, and creativity as they support and promote the company and its brands.

Finance & Accounting

These data specialists play an integral role in supporting the company. They create reports, develop operational policies, monitor and analyze accounting data, and manage payments.


IT support technicians keep our company running as they work to resolve computer and network issues. This team also includes our cloud services, security postures, and engineering and programming team. These employees are great problem solvers who are passionate about technology.

Customer Care Center

Our employees go the extra mile to provide top-notch customer service. This 100% U.S.-based team assists our members with everything from changing passwords to upgrading plans while keeping our customers happy.

Affiliate Marketing

This department includes experts in the affiliate space who cultivate relationships with third-party publishers to incentivize them to promote our products and services. This niche part of our Marketing Department is always looking for affiliate specialists to join the team.

Employee Benefits

Benefits Designed to Give Employees a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Time Off

Time off is vital for employees. We offer generous paid time off, including paid holidays, sick leave, and even time to volunteer in your local community.


Employees can invest in their future with our employer-match contributions. Our retirement plans include both pre- and post-tax options, so you can choose how to handle their earnings.

Health Benefits

We take care of our employees and their family members. Our plans come with 100% employee coverage of HSA-compatible healthcare and 50% dependent coverage.

Health & Wellness

Employees can further their training with free webinars, wellbeing resources, and life coaching through our employee assistance program.

Games & Relaxation

Employees are welcome to start some friendly competition with ping-pong tournaments and classic arcade games – or use one of our luxury massage chairs to unwind in the blissful relaxation room.

Company Events

There’s always something happening at IDIQ. We treat our employees to free food, games, and team-building activities during our lively quarterly events.

An Award-Winning Company

We’re Honored to Be Recognized

We credit our success to our employees and their everyday contributions! At IDIQ, we share the win.

Our Locations

We Have Offices Across the United States and Beyond

We provide customer care services in all time zones along with 100% U.S.-based fraud and restoration services and support.

New Jersey

Temecula, CA

A multicolored hot air balloon floats low over a sprawling green landscape with fields and vineyards. In the background, hills and mountains are partially shrouded in fog under a clear blue sky. The scene is serene and expansive.

About Temecula

Our headquarters in Temecula, California, feature seven buildings and high-quality amenities such as an employee gym, relaxation room with luxury massage chairs, world-class game room, and more. The offices are set against the backdrop of the area’s beautiful rolling hills and vineyards, located just an hour north of San Diego.


Mount Prospect, IL

A row of brownstone houses with ornate stair railings and small front gardens. The homes have tall, arched windows and intricate architectural details. A tree with yellow leaves stands in the foreground, casting a warm, autumnal atmosphere.

About Mount Prospect

Our offices in Mount Prospect, Illinois, feature some of our hardest working employees, including members of our Fraud Restoration Team and Customer Care Teams. The offices include a new top-of-the-line game room and are located just outside of Chicago.


Tampa, FL

A vibrant cityscape with illuminated skyscrapers reflecting on a calm river at dusk. A colorfully lit bridge spans the river, with buildings of varying heights and designs creating a lively, urban atmosphere against a clear, twilight sky.

About Tampa

Our Tampa, Florida, office is our newest addition to the IDIQ family. It is the perfect place for those seeking a customer care position who enjoy warm year-round temperatures!


Phoenix, AZ

A vibrant sunset over a sprawling cityscape with distant mountains in the background. Bright, winding highways with streaks of car lights dominate the foreground, leading towards the city with tall buildings illuminated by the fading sunlight.

About Phoenix

The employees in our Arizona offices enjoy year-round sun, warm weather, and desert landscapes.


Cherry Hill, NJ

An aerial view at sunset of a suburban neighborhood with rows of houses featuring similar designs, landscaped lawns, and tree-lined streets. The image captures a mix of tightly clustered homes and larger properties with more expansive greenery and varied architecture.

About Cherry Hill

Our New Jersey offices house our employees who focus on pre-paid legal services and employee benefits and are close to the boardwalk and beaches on the Atlantic Coast.


Chennai, India

A vibrant red-brick building with white accents stands against a clear blue sky. The structure features arched windows and ornate details, including a prominent clock tower on the right side. The architecture marries historical design with a touch of grandeur.

About Chennai

Chennai is the IDIQ Engineering and Architecture Center of Excellence, and we are excited to be growing this office to double its current size. Our Chennai office built the foundations of this business, and is the cornerstone of our international engineering locations in India, the United States, and Eastern Europe. IDIQ has been on Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies for the last 4 years and counting. It’s looking to aggressively improve our capabilities in Chennai around engineering and technology focusing on the latest technologies in React and .net core, utilizing patterns such as microservices, micro frontends, and cloud engineering. We are a 100% cloud focused software-as-a-service company. We are excited to be expanding in India, where we have had a presence for almost 15 years!

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