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IDIQ empowers our members with affordable access to a nationwide network of attorneys. We offer unlimited consultations and guidance on family law, leases, and more. Plus, our legal doc generator helps members create essential wills and contracts in minutes!

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IDIQ pre-paid legal services offer a comprehensive solution for both personal and business needs, providing peace of mind and access to expert legal support at an affordable cost. From navigating complex family law issues to handling unexpected events such as wills and estate planning, IDIQ provides access to a network of qualified attorneys for consultations and representation. We provide support for a broad range of needs, including traffic violations, consumer protection, and more.

The Peace of Legal Support

Through IDIQ pre-paid legal plans, you can provide your employees or members with peace of mind and access to legal resources for everyday issues and unexpected challenges. We offer a vast set of benefits including:

  • Unlimited Consultations: Get expert guidance from a nationwide network of attorneys, whenever you need it.
  • DIY Doc Generation: Create wills, contracts, and power-of-attorney documents in minutes with our easy-to-use tool.
  • Full Legal Support: Access expert lawyers for more complex issues like divorce, traffic violations, and more.
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Customizable Pre-Paid Legal Plans

Affordable Legal Services

We offer affordable and confidential legal services for your employees, ensuring they navigate legal issues without financial strain.

Access to Our Legal Network

Give your employees direct access to a network of experienced attorneys for prompt guidance on various legal matters.

High-Quality Legal Services

Our team provides expert guidance and support for your employees in various legal matters, maintaining high-quality services.

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