Identity Theft Protection

Help Safeguard Your Customers. Build Trust.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

Protect Their Assets

Identity theft can cripple your customers and employees, leading to financial loss, damaged credit scores, lost work, and a mountain of stress. IDIQ comprehensive identity protection empowers you to be their hero, offering a powerful shield and dedicated recovery support in one easy-to-add service.

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Don’t Let Thieves Steal You Client’s Tomorrow

Data breaches and scams are skyrocketing, leaving your customers vulnerable to identity theft. This isn’t just stolen credit cards – it’s stolen futures with financial ruin and crippling stress. Partner with IDIQ to be their hero. We offer a simple solution that helps protect your clients and builds trust: real-time monitoring, dark web scanning, and credit bureau alerts – all in one. Don’t let identity theft destroy their dreams.

Help Protect Your Clients. Secure Their Future.

Your clients’ peace of mind starts with the IDIQ proactive shield. We go beyond basic monitoring, offering real-time alerts for possible suspicious activity across accounts, credit reports, and even the dark web. Our comprehensive protection safeguards their Social Security number and tracks address changes, helping ensure they’re informed. Plus, in the unfortunate event of identity theft, our dedicated support team supports them through the recovery process. Empower your clients to fight back and build trust with IDIQ identity protection.

Protect your clients, differentiate your business, and unlock a new revenue stream.


Go Beyond Basic Monitoring

Real-Time Alerts

IDIQ delivers AI-powered notifications in real time for more than 35 security categories. Track account changes, credit reports, address updates, and even dark web activity – all in real-time.

$1M Insurance

Get covered up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, covering lost wages, legal experts, and stolen funds reimbursement to help ensure financial peace of mind and expert support.*

Dark Web Monitoring

Through our global search, we scour the dark web for your SSN, name, mailing address, and other information you designate in more than 25 languages. If we find possible suspicious activity, we notify you in real time.

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