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Financial Institutions

Non-Interest Income. Unlocked.

Retain and attract new members with a focus on comprehensive financial wellness. IDIQ empowers you to offer powerful value-adds – robust credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and educational resources, all designed to bolster member confidence and loyalty.


The IDIQ Partnership Advantage

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Combat Fraud

IDIQ robust fraud prevention tools safeguard your members’ financial well-being and minimize losses, giving you peace of mind and building trust.

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Retain Members
Credit monitoring and financial wellness solutions empower members, fostering loyalty and reducing churn.

Drive Non-Interest Income

Generate new revenue streams through add-on services while attracting credit union members seeking valuable tools and resources.

Beyond Interest Rates

Reimagine customer engagement and unlock new revenue streams with the IDIQ full suite of services. Earn non-interest income off add-ons such as identity theft protection and credit monitoring. Turn loan declines into profit opportunities. Simplify client management and boost your member retention with financial wellness products that empower your customers in their financial journey. We give you the tools and support you need to become your members trusted financial ally.

Safeguard Your Members

Elderly abuse and romance scams are a growing threat. Protect your members with comprehensive identity protection that goes far beyond just checking accounts. IDIQ equips your members with a powerful arsenal:

  • Identity Protection: Safeguard their identities from theft, 24/7.
  • Financial Wellness Platform: Educate for smarter financial decisions.
  • Credit Score Monitoring and Restoration: Empower financial confidence.

Become the regional leaders in member protection. Offer IDIQ and give your members the peace of mind they deserve while unlocking a stronger, safer future for your community.

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