Memorial Day Celebration Includes 25% of Credit and ID Theft Protection for Military and Veterans


by | May 22, 2020


This Memorial Day we celebrate active duty and veteran military members for the sacrifices they’ve made for our country with 25% off credit and identity theft protection. These services are especially important as active duty and veteran military members are a group at highest risk for identity theft.

Because of long deployments and the lower number of transactions made to bank accounts, identity thieves target military members and recently retired veterans. This unfortunate risk became even more evident recently when five men were charged in the “largest criminal case ever” of identity theft targeting military members and veterans. In the scam, the men gained access to military members’ and veteran’s personal data – including names, address, Social Security numbers and military identification numbers. The men used the information to gain access to Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs benefit sites.

In the recent criminal case, identity thieves used the stolen personal and financial information to fraudulently claim military and veteran benefits. Identity thieves also can use this information to take out loans; open new credit cards; clone debit cards; change billing addresses; and obtain a new driver’s license or other forms of IDs in the victim’s name. These fraudulent activities can negatively affect a victim’s credit and finances for years.

With IdentityIQ, active duty and veteran military members can actively monitor their credit and identity information and receive alerts for suspicious activity, so they can act quickly before identity thieves can strike. Services also include fraud restoration assistance, credit reports and scores and $1 million in identity theft insurance underwritten by AIG. Customer service and support is 100% U.S.-based.

A 25% discount on credit report and identity theft monitoring is not only a way to thank active duty and veteran military members for their service but also bring these essential services to those whose information is some of the most vulnerable.

IDIQ®, the provider of IdentityIQ services, is based out of Southern California and a proud supporter of active duty and veteran military members with numerous veterans on staff.

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